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To increase sales effectiveness, wholesalers are often very well training in territory management, phone skills, closing skills, and presentation skills to name a few.  Our training is designed to arm participants with the financial foundation necessary to give them an edge in a very competitive industry.


From performance to risk, from luck to skill, statistics are often misunderstood and misinterpreted.  Our training program will give participants the financial foundation to be able to handle popular misconceptions and drive sales effectively.  To site a few practical examples:

  • Comparing Sharpe Ratios If your fund has the greatest Sharpe Ratio among its peers, it is probably selling pretty well.  However, suppose your fund has a lower Sharpe Ratio than a lot of its competitors.  Have you ever faced situations when financial advisors will shy away from it, as a low Sharpe Ratio is usually associated with poorer risk-adjusted performance?  There are many investment situations for which a Sharpe Ratio is not an appropriate metric. Focusing on a more appropriate metric may lead to an entirely different fund choice!(*)
  • Poor Benchmark Performance  If your fund outperforms its benchmark consistently, it is probably selling pretty well.  However, what if, say, one of your fixed income funds has a negative alpha to the Merrill Lynch Master II?  Have you ever faced situations when financial advisors will shy away from it?  There are many situations for which a fund with a negative alpha is still an attractive fund!(*)

(*) Can you think of the situations? Let's discuss them in detail together!

Customized Training Solution

We combine engaging, interactive, and practical live sessions with post-session web-based reinforcing tools. These tools include exercises, situational practice questions, and follow-up flash presentations. 

Administrative Support Tools

  • Participant tracking progress
  • Customizable pre- and post-learning assessments
  • Automatic CFP CE Submission



  • Analytical Positioning of Mutual Funds - Equity
  • Analytical Positioning of Mutual Funds - Fixed Income
  • Analytical Positioning of Mutual Funds - Advanced

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