Shamelessly self-pitching, here are actual testimonials.

  • 'I wanted to let you know I passed the certification test yesterday and felt the test was pretty easy after your class and studying [...] I wish I had taken your class sooner as it motivated me and taught me how to study the right way. I cut out a lot of the wasted time and shined a light on some of the things I was missing that were right in front of me.' {N.H.}
  • 'Absent Pierre, I don't successfully complete the CIMA® cirriculum. End of story.' {M.C.}
  • 'Pierre is a trully gifted instructor.' {E.E.}
  • 'In respect for my company's policy allow me to disclaim first. These are my views, not an official view of BGI. With that said:

    Nine years ago I benefitted tremendously from Pierre's outstanding tutoring skills while pursuing my CIMA certification. I then gently encouraged people on our iShares Sales Team to also engage him as they prepped for their CIMA exams.
    Since then, 30 people with iShares have received tutoring from Pierre.
    The feedback we hear about Pierre is always 'over-the-top positive', but the very high passing rates we experience are his best endorsement.
    Pierre has a unique ability to assess what each student needs, how they learn and then deliver that accordingly.
    Pierre is also a delight to work with - kind and brilliant.
    I have attached quotes from two of our team members who appreciated Pierre's skills.
    - "Pierre inspired me to not just learn the materials for CIMA, but constructively look for different approaches to the solution. His knowledge and advice more than prepared me for CIMA, and left me with a valuable learning experience at Wharton." LR

    - "I would not be a CIMA if it was not for his instruction. He is highly intelligent though not intimidating, caring, understanding and thoughtful. He's a natural teacher who provides all of the insights needed for one preparing for the CIMA." BA.
    ' {V.K.}

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